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Valley Endoscopy Introduces State of the Art Endoscope Processing System


Valley Endoscopy is now equipped with the latest Olympus endoscope cleaning system. The Olympus OER-Pro reprocessor can simultaneously clean and disinfect two flexible endoscopes in 29 minutes — faster than any other model. The OER-Pro also has numerous safety features including sensor technology that performs automated detection functions, and the ability to automatically shut down operation if a leak is detected in the machine. Automation along with faster reprocessing allows facilities a more rapid turnaround time for scopes.

“By offering a validated endoscope reprocessor, valley endoscopy assures its patients effective reprocessing of their endoscopes” said Ann Arno, RN, Nurse Manager at Valley Endoscopy. The OER-Pro automates manual flushing of endoscope channels, the most difficult and variable part of the endoscope cleaning process. 

The new reprocessor uses a high-level disinfectant which has been demonstrated to have enhanced mycobactericidal and sporicidal activity relative to other aldehyde-based disinfectants.  The disinfectant is rapidly active against all vegetative bacteria, fungi, virus types, and mycobacteria. Because there are safety concerns related to the use of all chemicals used to disinfect flexible endoscope, the OER-Pro is fitted with charcoal filters that absorb chemical vapors to minimize staff exposure.