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Soft Diet


This diet is designed to help prevent you from becoming tired and not having to chew so much. This will allow you to eat more and be able to heal.   This diet does include soft breads and rice so it is vital that you are able to move food in your mouth and be able to swallow safely.


Listed below are examples of Soft Diet foods:


Milk Products:  smooth or fruited yogurt; cottage cheese; soft sliced cheese – AVOID:  hard cheese cubes


Meat and Protein:  ground cooked meat and poultry; baked, poached or broiled fish; casseroles with ground or 1/4 inch diced meat; eggs; cottage cheese; sandwiches with soft bread; shaved deli turkey or ham; tuna salad or egg salad without celery or raw vegetables – AVOID:  Thick cold cuts, sausage, wieners, hamburgers, large chunks of cheese and casseroles with chuncks of meat.


Vegetables:  soft cooked vegetables; legumes, potatoes and squash; minced 1/8 or diced 1/4 inch vegetables.