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Pancreatic Cancer

I was referred to Valley Gastroenterology group by my primary care physician as I had developed jaundice. I was seen in the office in a matter of 3 days and was scheduled for ERCP procedure. Dr. Ratnakar performed the procedure at which time he found pancreatic cancer that was causing my jaundice. He placed a stent and my jaundice resolved in just a few days. I was already feeling better. I was then referred to Allegheney Hospital in Pittsburgh. The staff at Valley Gastroenterology went out of their way to get me an appointment in Pittsburgh the same week! Fortunately further testing showed that my pancreatic cancer was at early stages. I had surgery within 2 weeks and I have been cancer free for over 3 years now! 

I truely believe that the compassionate and promt care that I received at Dr. Ratnakar's office helped the doctors find my pancreatic cancer that was still early and curable. 

I would highly recommend the doctors and staff at Valley Gastroenterology. Thanks for saving my life!