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Irritable Bowel

Sharon's Story

I wanted to send you an update since I’d been seen you guys in August 2012. I was told I was allergic to gluten, almonds, eggs, dairy, and yeast. Since finding this out and cutting these things from my diet I have not once had heartburn or indigestion, both of which I’ve had since high school. Also, with these symptom being relieved I am, for the first time in my life, able to breath easily through my nose. I no long have chronic congestions and I could not be more excited about this. I want to thank the whole team at Valley Gastroenerology for all they have done. I continually tell people about my experience with you all and encourage others to make an appointment. You all do such amazing work and I hope that you continue to do so for many year. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for sparing me years of pain, boxes of Prilosec and surgery!! I will never forget the amazing work you do!


Sharon S


Wendy's Story

I went to see you guys in last June. I thought of giving you some news. I am GREAT!

I’ve never been that good in my whole life. I can work on the farm, lift heavy things, I have energy. My pain in the muscles are progressively going away and as for the other symptoms they are long gone!

I am talking about you everywhere I go. ….

Well I just wanted to thank you and wish you all the best for the future. We need more people like you guys who really are concerned about their patients life and health!

Have an amazing day!

Wendy C


Shelly's Story

About 5 years ago I began to notice that I was not able to eat any fruit.  Fruit had never caused digestive disorders in the past.  After a discussion with a specialist I was told I had a fructose intolerance and to eat only the low fructose category of a list that was given to me.  This meant that the only fruit I could eat was an avocado, lemon, or lime.  I resigned myself to the fact that my digestive system had just changed and that I would no longer be able to eat any other fruit again.

A friend suggested that I schedule an appointment at Valley Gastro. Not convinced that something medically could possibly be causing this other than being told I had a fructose intolerance, I prolonged scheduling an appointment for about 3 years.  I began to notice that spicy foods were following suit.

I finally did schedule an appointment with Dr. Ratnakar.  He ordered tests and the results revealed that I had a bacteria in my intestinal tract that was not supposed to be there.  He prescribed a medication for 3 weeks and my instructions were to try eating fruit after my last dose. 

Though I had my doubts that it could be so easy to resume being able to enjoy all of the bursting flavors of fruit again, I began with a handfull of fresh cherries.  I waited a day, and to my surprise there were no ill effects.  In the following days I tried a banana, cantaloupe, watermelon, and blueberries, all without any digestive issues.  I was able to completely resume making fruit smoothies daily as I had done in the past.  I have also been able to resume spicy foods as well.

I was so excited that the Doctors at Valley Gastro were able to determine and treat my mysterious digestive problems.  I cannot thank them enough for this huge change and restoration of my lifestyle!

Shelly S (she’s a surgical tech)