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HALO Barrett’s Ablation

C.T: I am a patient with long standing heartburn and reflux. I went to see the doctors at valley GI to get checked as I was having more heartburn than usual inspite of taking my medications that I have taken for years. My Doctor advised me to have Endoscopy which I did. During Endoscopy I was found to have a condition called Barretts. My biopsies showed that this lesion was pre cancerous! My wife and I were devasted. Then we found out at our follow up visit with the Doctor that there was a new non surgical treatment called HALO that was being offered at Valley Endoscopy in St. Clairsville. We were thrilled. We scheduled the procedure right away. The procedure was a breeze, no surgery, no downtime, and we got to go home the same day. It cured my pre cancerous lesion in Barretts and follow up biosies showed that the worrisome lesion had completely disappeared!! 

My wife and I are so thankful to everyone at Valley Endoscopy for bringing the latest treatment to the area; which really saved me in time from getting cancer in the esophagus. Everyone was so friendly, caring and knowledgeable during this whole ordeal.